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Hotels near Palaces in Maharashtra

Famous Palaces in India form the major tourist attractions in the country of India. The forts and palaces in Maharashtra reflect the rich past of the state. Bassein Fort is a magnificent fort located in the state of Maharashtra. Though the fort is in ruins at present, it still portrays its uniqueness. The fort thrived under the Portuguese rule and is now one of the major tourist attractions in the state of Maharashtra. Gavali tribal fort is another major fort in the state of Maharashtra, and a number of travelers and tourists visit this fort located on the Chikhaldara plateau. The fort is associated with a lot of mythological beliefs and it has made it all the more attractive to the tourists. The Gonds once occupied the fort before they ultimately fell to the mighty Mughals. The fort has been witnessed to a lots of ups and downs in the history of India as well as the state of Maharashtra. The drive to this fort is a very refreshing one and the high walls of the fort tells a tale of its own. Sinhagad fort bears testimony to the fierce battles fought between the Marathas and the Mughals and is among the many forts & palaces of Maharashtra. The travelers and tourists surely do not miss to visit this spectacular fort if they happen to be in the state of Maharashtra. All these palaces and forts truly reflect the strength of Indian heritage and culture. The Daulatabad Fort is another major fort in the state of Maharashtra and it is located at a hilltop. Its location is between the Ellora caves and Aurangabad. Yadava Dynasty's Bhilama Raja was behind the construction of this magnificent fort, in the year 1187. The location is regarded by many as Hill of the Gods or Devagiri. The invincibility of the fort is very apparent as soon as one sees it. There are a number of hotels near it for the guests to stay. Hotels near Palaces in Maharashtra act as the perfect bases for travelers and tourists during their tour. Maharashtra Hotels near Palaces have all the necessary amenities and facilities. Sightseeing and touring are also organized by the hotels that have specially been built keeping in mind the requirements of the tourists and travelers who come to see the palaces and forts. The royal palaces in Maharashtra are spread in various regions of the state.

The various places where these Hotels near Palaces in Maharashtra are located include Mumbai, Chiplun, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Nasik, Lonavala, Aurangabad, Pune, Panchgani, Nagpur, Khandala and Shirdi. The Hotels near Palaces in Maharashtra belong to all types of categories, from deluxe five star hotels to budget class or economy class hotels. All these hotels are favored by the travelers and tourists as they are close to the various palaces and forts located in the state of Maharashtra, India. One can choose according to one's budget. The accommodation and dining facilities provided by these hotels are simply outstanding. The guests are extremely satisfied with the type of services they receive from the Hotels near Palaces in Maharashtra.
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