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India Travel Guide

India Tourism an Introduction
India is a vast which has got a vivid history, rich culture and heritage and beauties of nature in abundance. This is the country that attracts a number of tourist throughout the world. This is the country for the tourist where they would find everything including hills, seas, desert, temples, churches, wild life, and many more. In order to visit the country in a systematic manner, you need the India Travel Guide. The India Travel Guide would not only help you to visit the different tourist destination of India, it would provide you all the information about the different tourist places in India, information about how to go to those places, where to stay there, what to see there and many more information.

About the country India
India is the largest country in the Indian subcontinent and the seventh largest in the world. The country is surrounded by Pakistan in the west, China and Nepal in the north, Bhutan in the north-east, and Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east. In the south-east of the country, there is Bay of Bengal, and in the south-west, there is Arabian Sea. Indian Ocean lies in the south of the country. With over a billion population, India comes second to China in terms of population. India is the country where you would find 'unity in diversity'. You would find ultimate diversity with a huge difference in geography, climate, culture, language, and ethnicity. It is the largest democracy on the earth.

India is a warm country. The climate of India remains hot and humid in most of the time throughout the year. There are some specific times of the year when it rains. It rains due to the monsoons here. There are two of them, southwest and northeast, both are named after the directions that the wind come from. June through September is the time when most of the parts of the India experience rains. The winter is very short here and stays during November to February.

India Travel Guide would provide you a number of useful information on the different tourist attraction places in India. India has some much destination to travel. If you love hill stations, then you have the hills of Uttarachal, Himachal where you would find the beauties of Himalayas. In the souther part of the country, you would find the Niligiri hills. Those who love sea, can go to the beaches of Orissa, Tamil Nadu etc. But the best bet would the the beaches of Goa. Goa beaches are world famous. You would find a lot of foreign tourists at these Goa beaches. Goa beaches are full of entertainment. They are also a bit of expensive though.

If you want to have a taste of the Indian wild life, you can go to different wild life sanctuaries of India. Kanha, Bandhabgarh, Jaldapara forest, Gorumara forest etc. are the famous forests in India. Those who love temples and arts, India is the perfect place for them as you would find a number of temples in every corner of India.

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