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Indian Palace Weddings

Indian Palace Weddings an Introduction
The royal palaces in India are one of the most extravagant places for wedding ceremonies that one can find in India. The Indian Palace Weddings are becoming very popular day by day among the higher class Indian families. There are a number of palaces in India which showcase the class of the royals. If you want that class in your wedding, you can go for royal palace wedding. Indian Palace Weddings are a great experience not only for the two persons who are getting married and their families, but also for the guests who come to attend the wedding ceremonies. Indian Palace Weddings are the exotic lifetime affairs that no one can forget in their whole life. It is just an unimaginable experience exchanging the vows with your beloved on the d-day, decked like a princess against a palatial backdrop.

Palaces the Heritage Hotels
Indian Palace Weddings are a whole new concept of the modern India. It has scripted a new chapter in the Indian wedding scenario. Not only the Indian, many foreigners are nowadays coming to India to celebrate their wedding in a unique way. Most of the Indian palaces are located in Rajasthan, which is considered to be the place of many royals and 'Maharajas'. The beautifully crafted forts against the backdrop of vast desert are amongst the best in the world. But as the reigns of the 'Maharajas' had gone by, the maintenance of the palaces became very tough. Now, most of the palaces have been converted to heritage hotels and are readily available for royal weddings.

Facilities inside the Palaces
Indian palaces, nowadays, are the perfect places for the royal weddings. The number of Indian Palace Weddings are continuously growing day by day, as the palaces provide some wonderful and royal facilities for a grand wedding. Once you step into any one of the palaces, you would find a different world altogether. The lush green beautiful gardens, groves, cascading fountains, shady trees, flowers, sandstone quarters, finely curved sculptures all would make your wedding ceremony a really royal one. To add with these, the vast lawn, which could be a perfect location for hosting the guests, the main palace building, the grand portico of which would extend a warm welcome to the guests. Inside the palace, the massive lounge would be the perfect location for the social gathering. Your place for wedding ceremony would be surrounded by the antique portraits, princely statues and marble inlay works. What more you can expect in your D-day?

Choosing your Venue
Indian Palace Weddings are the weddings in a exotic venues away from your home. But, it would give you an experience of lifetime. Before you go for the palace wedding, just plan the total ceremony beforehand. Indian Palace Weddings are extremely expensive. Therefore, fix your budget first, and according to your budget, choose your palace. You can also choose facilities according to your budget. Depending upon the number of guest, you can choose different locations.

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