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Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages

About the Indian Palaces Honeymoon Packages
Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages are arguably the most lavish way to celebrate your honeymoon. You can't imagine a better place to go for your honeymoon than the lap of the royal palaces. Royal palaces in India are one of the most extravagant places where you can stay and enjoy your time. Rajasthan is the place where you would find most of the royal palaces. Located amidst the vast desert, the royal palaces of Rajasthan would provide you the beautiful backdrop for a perfect honeymoon tour. The lush green beautiful gardens, groves, cascading fountains, shady trees, flowers, sandstone quarters, and finely curved sculptures would definitely add some unique shades into your honeymoon experience. There are many travel agencies throughout the India who offer Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages. You can choose anyone of the packages for your honeymoon tour. No doubt, the Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages would be the experience of lifetime that any couple could have in their lifetime.

Choosing your Honeymoon Package
As most of the royal palaces are located in Rajasthan, therefore, the Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages are mostly available in the state of Rajasthan. The forts of Rajasthan, which have now become the heritage hotels, are the location for the Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages. The Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages would take you to the different royal palaces throughout the Rajasthan. You can choose a particular palace to spend your time with your beloved one. Before booking, ask your travel agent to provide information about different palaces of Rajasthan and ask about the facilities available there. Anyone of the palaces would provide you the dream experience of a perfect honeymoon.

The Honeymoon Package Tour
Your Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages may start from Jodhpur by visiting Mehrangarh fort. This is a wonderful fort that would show you the class of the royals. You would be amazed by the rich architecture of the palace. Move to Khimsar Dune Village which is about 70 km. away from Jodhpur. The village is located at the heart of the seven dunes of 'Akla'. The water body in the center of it makes it a perfect location for a honeymoon tour. Surrounded by the sand dunes, the Khimsar Dune Village is accessible by jeep, camel and horse. There are some luxurious huts, overlooking the water body in the village, which provide an excellent place to stay in the beautiful location.

Besides these, you can also visit to the palaces of Udaipur and Jaipur as well. Without visiting those palaces, your Indian Palaces Honeymoon package would remain incomplete. These palaces are the perfect places for the newly wed couples.

Inside the Package
Most of the Indian Palaces Honeymoon packages include accommodation on twin sharing basis which includes breakfast. The packages also include all the applicable taxes and any transfer fees. Services of any guides are included in the packages. Any road taxes are also included in the packages. The cost for lunch, dinner, snacks etc. are not usually included in the package.

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