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Palace Resorts in India

Palace Resorts in India are the places where you would find the best of the luxurious and royal facilities in your accommodation. If you want to live like a king, the Palace Resorts in India are the places for you. India has a number of royal palaces and forts which were the residences of 'Maharajas' in the past. Once the regime of the 'Maharajas' got over, in the course of time, the forts and palaces eventually have become the heritage hotels in India. The Palace Resorts in India would offer you a wonderful mixture of exquisite experience of the ancient world charm and at the same time a range of world class modern day's facilities and service.

Palace Resorts in India are spread across almost every part of India. The unique characteristic of all the heritage hotels and resorts is that they all offers local flavor of the place in their accommodation. The constructions of the Palace Resorts in India have got some historical significance of the respective places. Some of them have a fusion of tradition and grandeur. But one thing is for sure that, all the Palace Resorts in India are full of beauties and luxuries. You would enjoy every moment of your staying in these grand palaces in India. You must fall in love with the royal lifestyles of the palaces that it provide to its guests.

The Palace Resorts in India have become very popular in perspective of Indian tourism due to a various reason. These are the places where you would find the rich architectural and cultural heritage. This palaces were the residences of the 'Maharajas' in the past. But once, their regime was over, it became very difficult to maintain the huge properties without any assistance. As a result most of the palaces became heritage hotels. These Palace Resorts in India are now providing the travelers a unique and unforgettable experience of the lifetime. In order to become the heritage hotels, many of the palaces required to undergo years of restoration, reconstruction and renovation work to make them suitable for the international tourists. Today the Palace Resorts in India would offer you the world class facilities and amenities with the warmest of hospitality. These could make difference to your vacations, no doubt.

There is no dearth of recreation in these Palace Resorts in India. The customs and costumes of the resorts have a royal touch. The menus of resorts have the ancient touch. The gorgeous gardens, the regal dining halls, the vast polo grounds, the splendid swimming pools, and the well equipped bars and restaurants would win your heart. In some of the resorts, you may also find the ancestral museums as well.

The Department of Tourism, Government of India, has classified the Palace Resorts in India into three categories, viz. Grand Heritage, Classic Heritage and heritage Hotels. The majestic properties like Lake Palace in Udaipur, or Rambagh Palace in Jaipur are the examples of Grand Heritage. Besides these, there are a number of Heritage hotels in India that are providing luxurious accommodation to the tourists all over the world.

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