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Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels is th best way to travel in India. It offers you a perfect combination of luxury, traditionlaity and style. The Palace on Wheels takes its boarders on an amazing journey to the land of Kings and royals Rajastan. The amazing train journey gives you a perfect ambiance to experience e the grandeur of the golden sand and royal forts. The Palace on Wheels is one among the best luxury trains in India as well as in the world. The train takes you to all the amazing forts and palaces in the land of Rajastan withing a week. Every Wednesday the train starts its journey from Delhi at th evening and ends its journey at the morning in the next Wednesday.

In earlier days at the time of colonization the British viceroys as well as the rulers of the Princely states used to travel by the train and for their use there were some luxurious coaches. After the independence some of the these coaches remained parked for almost 25 years until the tourism development board of Rajastan using these coaches made a heritage tourist train in 1981-1982. the name of each coaches of the Palace on Wheels are also given according to the royals who used to travel by them. With the passage of time the coaches has undergone many changes but the interior of the coaches still reflect the beauty and grandeur of the olden days,. Later the train was replace by the air conditioned brad gauges train that consists of 14 saloon, two restaurant cum kitchen coaches, four service cars ands a bar cum lounge. There are attached baths with every cabin and saloons. There are some well appointed libraries as well with the choicest of books for the entertainment of the guests. This new train is fully air conditioned so that you can beat the outside heat of Rajasthan and stay comfortable.

While you ride of the Palace on Wheels you will have the opportunity to enjoy a journey back in time in the days when the Kings and Queens used to rule the land. The charming ambiance of the train is filed with the mystic touch. But even going back in time in the amazing train you will never miss a single modern amenity as all of them are available for you instantly. The restaurant cum kitchens are done is a Lanthanide style. In each saloon you will find your own personal attendant like the maharajahs used to have. Each of the saloons have 4 cabins and all he cabins are beautifully decorated. As each of the salon represent a Princely state every saloon represents the arts and cultures of the state. You can find your cabin decorated with the furniture, handicraft, painting and furnishing of the states. The ceiling s of the cabins are very interesting as well. If you want to feel the old royal days in India both in the forts and out of it then Palace on Wheels is the best medium for traveling for you where you can get the old and traditional feelings combined with the modern amenities.

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